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A Righteous Patriot

A Contradiction in Terms

Hoosier Serenity
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I graduated from IUB (B.S. in Public Affairs, my concentration in Legal Studies), suffered from nerves and moved out of my apartment up to Indy a month before my lease was up, I was then unemployed for five months since no matter what they say a college degree just isn't what it used to be, and I lived up in a room above my parents garage. Got a permanent position at the firm, and did what my government wants me to do: bought a house. I finally am experiencing what my degree prepared me for and I'm excited.

I’m more country probably and less rock-n-roll, especially compared with my siblings, but out of the three of us: I know how to blog.

Its part my random thoughts that strike me in the most inopportune time, though mostly with coffee nearby.

Its part my geeking out over movies (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, anything with Steve Carell and Will Ferrell and buddy-buddy-cop movies)...

It’s me trying to seriously get into knitting, photography, and running. Running is very prevalent at the time of this writing since the Mini Marathon is in May, and it’ll be my first time running/participating in it. Finished it!!! Now I'm a bit addicted to it.

It’s a weekly civic lesson that I’d like to start. I find that many people just don’t have the knowledge that’s needed to be an informed and involved member of this Republic. Voting is great, but informed voting is the very best. We have some time before the election to cover the basics.

Annnnnd, what LJ wouldn’t be a true LJ without a little complaining about work/family/situations.

Oh! Did I mention I’m obsessed with lists? Because I am. And my spelling is terrible? So not my fault, I learned to read differently then most people.

A word about my name: while I do love Firefly/Serenity (seriously, I would have Adam Baldwin's babies, he's on a list of...two three that I would carry children for without having to marry them), it actually has a deeper significance then that. I'm a little bit of a 'nervous individual" meaning that I tend to just freak out about things. I need calm and peacefulness in my life, in essence I need serenity or I'd go crazy ("Serenity now!!!").

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